Local SEO

Over one third of all searches in 2014 are set to be 'local' so this really is a form of online marketing that you simply cannot afford to ignore! Optimising your local web presence will produce a sound return on your investment, even more so in that you will be aptly positioned to reap the rewards of repeat business and word of mouth.

As new SEO practises continue to grow and evolve, it's important that you don’t confuse Local SEO with national SEO as the two are very different. The first stage of any Local campaign is understanding the types of search engine results that are being provided and from what devices they are made.

It's currently estimated that 94% of smartphone users search for location information. From that 94%, approximately 50% go on to call the venue or simply turn up, which they actually do within hours of making the original search. This is fascinating stuff.

Google’s understanding of the intent behind a users search query has become so sophisticated you no longer need to append geographical locations to your search! So if you search for “restaurant” prior to the “Venice” update back in 2012 you would have been provided national results, post “Venice” Google understands that you probably want local restaurants, which is exactly what they give you.

What Types of Businesses Need Local SEO?

At Smart Search, we promote both strategies. With national SEO, our goal is to help you rank as highly as possible in the major search engines for all those keywords relevant to your business and the products / services you offer.

This is still very much the focus with local SEO, but with an extra emphasis on your geographical location, which is completely invaluable if you utilise a space that is open to the public.

If you rely on repeat, local business then you need a company to help tailor your SEO campaign accordingly. Furthermore, use a multidisciplined agency like Smart Search, and we can also design and develop a quality mobile experience to complement your online presence. Online marketing just got more exciting.

Always one step ahead of the game, Smart Creative now offer local SEO services to every single one of our clients What this means is that if you don't have a local SEO strategy, then it's about time you get one.

Local SEO

Choose Smart Local Search

If you get even a handful of business locally then you ought to consider local SEO; it could be your most beneficial marketing tool to date. Restaurants, retail outlets, beauticians, dentists, doctors, lawyers and solicitors: if you have a physical address that customers go to, this should absolutely be one of the key campaigns you focus on.

But big brands don't be fooled; you too could benefit from a local SEO package. Take Essensuals for example, our SEO specialists looked into each and every one of their locations and then optimised accordingly. Local does not mean small fry!

Similarly, local SEO does not mean DIY: you still absolutely require the services of a highly-skilled, quality agency. With Smart Creative, we tailor our packages and price them based on the competitiveness of your space and the number of locations you have. We strongly believe that you take out what you are able to put in.

Furthermore, local SEO is not a one-hit-wonder: it is a longterm strategy that requires careful planning and implementation over a set period of time. Just as your business changes and adapts to the current marketplace, your marketing campaigns should also be open to such progression.

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