Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search marketing (or PPC as its more commonly known) is where your online business appears in the sponsored listings of a search engine or third party website and you pay for that privilege every time a user clicks or sees your ad. The beauty of this is that you can bypass all of the competition and position your brand exactly where it should be - at the top.

Paid search campaigns can be completely monitored, analysed and adapted to those trends that best suit your online business.

For example, if we learn that your site receives higher volumes of traffic during weekday evenings, and that most of these people are using a smartphone to carry out their searches, we'll adapt your campaign to reflect this.

In fact, with Smart Search at the helm of the PPC advertising, you can rest assured that we will be perform an incredibly lucrative method of driving targeted traffic to your website..

Why Should You Use Paid Search?

So, there seems to be a familiar pattern emerging here in that the most productive search campaigns utilise a mixture of approaches; local, organic, PPC - it's all about finding a balance. With PPC, it's important not to rely solely on paying for your traffic, but to use it alongside other strategies to enhance your overall, online presence.

Firstly, PPC campaigns are the quickest way of getting above your competition, above any competition for that matter. Furthermore, with the help of a knowledgeable and talented SEO agency, your PPC campaign could literally be sending new customers your way tomorrow. This is pretty exciting stuff!

Secondly, this form of marketing reduces risk. You no longer need to gamble your ads in hope that they will have the desired effect with your audience: you can see straight away whether they are successful and worth pursuing. This could save you thousands of pounds! With a strategic campaign in place, we can track every single keyword, ad and penny spent, enabling us to achieve an incredible return on your investment.

Paid Search

Instant & Measurable Results

GOOGLE-QUALIFIED-LOGOBoth of these factors, along with the ability to schedule ads and target them to specific locations and times, really places paid search campaigns in a different league. They ultimately have the power to transform your business and reputation overnight. In the same respect, it's paramount that you choose a provider you trust and who also has a proven track record. At Smart Creative, we have worked with many independent companies but also huge, international brands; all of whom have reaped the rewards of working with such a dynamic and skilled team.

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