Penalty Removal

So you hired an SEO company to improve your search engine visibility, they built some low quality spammy links and now you’re left to pick up the pieces! Sound familiar? We hear this story on a daily basis so don’t panic, we have the tools and expertise to get you back on the right side of Google.

In 2012 Google launched a major algorithm update called Penguin and since then it has continually updated and refined it with laser focus. Penguin was created to penalise websites with a large proportion of low quality links and websites on the receiving end of it can go from hero to zero overnight.

Reminiscing of the good old days… where the more links you imbedded into your site; the higher you ranked in the search engines. Well this is no longer the case: ever since the Google Penguin algorithm update, the focus has now turned to quality rather than quantity.

Why You Need to Act Fast!

If Google consider your links to be 'spammy' or manipulative then your site will be shown perhaps the most damaging 'red card' of all.

If it's not a Penguin then it's a Panda; but cuddly is not how you would describe these algorithms! That's right, there's another one: the Panda is on the loose to penalise your content should it be deemed poor or damn right useless.

Shallow content, duplication, repetitiveness (changing a few words here and there is not good practise), as well as poor grammar and spelling can lead to a ticking off and, wham bam, a penalty.

Penalty Removal

Penguins And Pandas!

1With Penguins and Pandas, Google is no longer wearing goggles. The search engines have upped their game, which means we now have to. Your online business simply cannot afford to disappear from the SERPS because a third party got you in trouble. It's time to take action.

2Work with Smart Creative and our experienced team will scrutinise and analyse every single aspect of your current campaign. Need to remove bad links, brush up on your copy, sort your navigation, contact forms and site-maps, well you've come to the right place. To be frank, we see it time and time again, customers finally publishing the website dreams are made of, only to come up against a brick wall because they got hit by a penalty. As online technology advances and progresses, you have to keep up or you'll be left behind.

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